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such a beautiful thing to throw away

there's no giving up now

5/31/06 07:12 pm

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4/9/06 08:02 pm - from now on...

my journal is now a "photo only" journal
because i felt like it.

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3/4/06 02:04 pm

so i guess this journal is pretty much dead. how fun.

2/24/06 12:24 pm - hmm...

i think i know what i want to do for my birthday, but let's see how many people want to find out what that is before i tell you :) ♥

2/20/06 09:26 am - l♥ve

my 3 day weekendCollapse )

Saturday was Nick's 19th bday :)! I made him something cool lol & that's about it, yep

2/11/06 09:39 am

it feels like spring in mid-winterCollapse )

2/8/06 12:59 pm - i want...

2/7/06 12:44 pm

surprise me.

2/2/06 01:30 pm

i think i need to go on an adventure...somewhere i've never been before. i'm getting tired of this 8-5 life.

1/31/06 12:53 pm

i have come to the conclusion that livejournal is boring.
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