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such a beautiful thing to throw away

there's no giving up now

1/28/06 09:41 am - time for another picture entry

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last weekend...Collapse )

1/25/06 12:54 pm - *drools*

so this is my new dream car.

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& it's hell've sexier than you. hell've.

1/20/06 12:39 pm - random entry

so this morning, i guess it was "everyone hit dana" day lol. well...almost hit dana...lol. i kid you not, i probably almost got hit about 10 times today, about 6 by the same fuckin' car!! damn asians. haha. [i swear i'm not racist...i'm asian too! i just drive better than them :)] but anywayyyyyssss...i'm having a pretty good day despite of that fact. my mom gave me cantelope & lime in my lunch, which i happened to be craving, so that made my lunch lol. i'm looking forward to tonight, steph & mexican food!! lol :D & then maybe some mr. potato head hahaha :P. so i guess that's really all i had to say, peace fuckers!

1/18/06 12:08 pm - trip details & PICS!

so...i know that all of you are just dying to know what happened on mine & nick's anniversary trip [i know you're not...but just humor me!!]

sooo let's see...saturday we woke up & then got packed up & got ready & then left!! lol it was a really rainy drive over there, couldn't see the lanes a lot lol. so we got there around...11 & our room was ready [luckily], so we got to go up & see it & oooooooh man, it was so worth the money!!! read some magazine that was there & found out that we stayed in one of the top 100 hotels in the world. the fucking world. let's put that into perspective, shall we??? think of how many hotels you see whenever you travel, or even just in the tracy area. think of the nicest hotel that you've ever been to & then quadruple that, & that's what me & nick were in. jealous now?? anyways...lol. so yeah, we get there & this place is so richy, me & nick feel like we totally don't fit. [carrying in a cooler & paper bag for our clothes? yeah...definitely don't fit in lol] so we checked out a room for a bit & then decided to walk to the aquarium in the rain. that was nice, but cold lol. the aquarium was nice, but i really was expecting more. they didn't even have the scary fish that i was actually looking forward to seeing...or the penguins...or the great white shark lol. but they did have turtles!!! which was awesome :D. so then walked back from the aquarium in the rain, & decided what we were gonna have for dinner, & we decided on a place that was actually downstairs in the hotel. that was alright...lol. there was a fish in my salad, so i freaked out haha. but other than that, it was pretty nice. went back upstairs to our room, took a shower & then watched the full-moon reflect over the ocean :D! went to sleep with the sliding glass door left open a crack so we could hear the waves [which were already pretty loud to being with] it was so nice. woke up around 5:30 & watched the sunrise & then went to have breakfast @ another resturant in the hotel lol. buffet!!! that's all i have to say about that :D. after breakfast, we went back to the hotel & watched some movies & just relaxed in our room before we had to leave :(. & that was really pretty much it!!

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so here's the picsCollapse )

♥ 1 year & many more to come :D

ohhhh yeah & there's thunder, lightning & hail over my work right now. you bet i'm happy :D

oh & see the room with the yellow outline around it??
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

yep, that was our room :D

1/15/06 08:49 pm - just for now...

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♥ ♥ ♥

1/14/06 07:10 am - akljeyoijreaeru670jdfqw59e=[u

ahhhhhh omggggg i'm sooo excited!! :D we're supposed to be getting up @ 7:30 [i know, it's only like 20 minutes before that] but i've been up since, like, 6 this morning trying to fall back asleep but i can't. i just keep wanting to reach over & be like "nick wake up NOW!!!!" & then smuther him in kisses & hugs haha. but he's driving, so i won't :p.

the only thing that sucks is that it's raining!! :(

but that's ok, cuz nothing is going to ruin this weekend, not even the scary fish @ the aquarium!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D!!!!!!!! ♥

0 dayssssss;; !!!!

1/13/06 12:34 pm - omggg

this morning was the first morning that i actually enjoyed waking up...but didn't want to actually get up lol :) ♥

i'm soooooo excited for tomorrow, you don't even know. i've been shaking on & off today because i can't hold in the excitment. really; lol. so, sooo excited for monday too :D!!!!

& ps;; happy friday the 13th :)

1/11/06 12:17 pm - heck yesss

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

monterey, here we come!! :D
[yes, this is the hotel me & nick will be staying @]
jealous?? :D

3 more days;;

1/10/06 12:14 pm - wheeeee!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
aww...i love my baby :) ♥

4 more days;;

1/9/06 01:09 pm

happy 19th bday christine!!!!

haha, love you!!! ♥
i'm gonna give you a call later missy!!
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